Maui church of Christ

Church Bldg. 1-808-244-5886
810 Waiehu Beach Rd.
Wailuku, HI. 96793

Minister: Stan Frank

Sunday am Bible Classes:  9:30am
Sunday am Worship: 10:30am
Sunday pm Bible study: 6:00pm
Wed. evening study: 6:00pm
(Sunday morning childrens class's from 9:30am to end of worship service's are available)

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Bible Tracts by the late Clare Annis Added 9/3/12

Scriptures For Personal Bible Study

Escrituras Para El Estudio Personal

Who are We? What is a church of Christ?

what do we teach about water baptism, and other questions?

Online Bible Studies

<more online Interactive Bible Studies you can do>

added 3/8/09   Online Bible Lesson 25 lessons "Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?"
added 3/8/09   Online Bible Lesson 24 Lessons "Are You Worshipping God In Spirit and Truth?"
added 3/8/09   Online Bible Lesson 13 lessons "How To Do Personal Evangelism"

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