Below are some pics taken at the recent farewell aloha luncheon for
our dear brother and sister Gary and Pat Swatzel.  They are moving to the mainland
and they are not sure if the Lord will bring them back this way or not.  They both have been
cornerstones of this local church in Maui, and have contributed so very much in the 10yrs
they have been here with us.  Their ministry for our young Keiki is mind blowing due to
their seriousness and time they have put into this good work.  Pat has put in thousands of
hours of her personal time into preping, lessons, props, and love for her kids.  Her beloved
husband, Gary, also has put in many hours and labor in supporting the ministry.  He said
recently " I think I have probably carried in and out zillions of tons of teaching material
in the past 10yrs we have been doing this"
The Mauicoc will miss their smiling faces and love for the Lords church here, and we wish
them every success in the Lords work  no matter where they end up.
Just know you are always, and always will be loved and welcome at the Mauicoc.
Much much Aloha