Audrey and Stan Frank just before her baptism into Christ.

Audrey smiling after her immersion, what a happy day for her and all of us.

Audrey is under, died to all her past sins, and reborn a new creature in Christ.

Some of the Maui church and visitors at Audrey's baptism site, "baby beach" Maui Hawaii

More of Christians watching just before the baptism.


w pics here


The Mauicoc Keiki getting ready to hunt easter eggs outside 2017

The Mauicoc Keiki getting ready to hunt easter eggs outside 2017

Maluh, Pablo, Diego, Armando Gonzales family (our newest Christian family added to the Mauicoc)

Stan Frank, Armando, Pablo before their baptisms in the Pacific Ocean Maui


PPablo a new Christian


Armando a new Christian

Maluh ready for baptism

Everyone singing, and rejoice with the Gonzales family.  Note: Diego was baptized in Oahu at the Keiki aloha camp this year.

Our dear sister Jana Womack moved from Maui to the Mainland this year
some pics of our going away pot luck for her.

Some pics of the Mauicoc VBS this year June 2016

Good lookin group of young Keiki for the first VBS in a long time at the Mauicoc


Mauicoc July 4th get together for 2016

2 Core members of the church here, Max Andrews and Bill Hong, we love them.

2 wonderful brothers Bill Hong, and Malcolm Hickman
counting the money each Sunday morning.  Mahalo bruddahs.